25 Sep

The Best Tips For Choosing A Recumbent Bike For Exercising

Working with a recumbent bike is very effective when you want to improve your leg muscles and stretch your thighs. This is a special type of machine for gym at home. A lot of families equip this bike and place it in their garden in order to practice every morning and enjoy the fresh air.

Las week, my family finished building our own gym room at home and we also bought one item that is considered to be the best recumbent bike in the store. In the past, I also took part in a gym club but there was no bike of this type so I decided to build my own gym room and equip the machines I liked. In this article, I will provide you with more tips to help you choose a right recumbent bike for your home.

Recumbent Bike Features

Firstly, I will tell you more about the features of a recumbent bike. Before you come to the store to buy it, I feel certain that you search for it and read more reviews about it. However, the information may be saturated on the grounds that all of them are mixed. Therefore, today, I will make it clearer for you.


  • More Levels Of Preset Resistance

The recumbent bike brings more convenience for practicers on the grounds that it has 6- 8 levels for preset resistance. It means that you can bike with different levels and you can also recline with more positions. You can lie comfortably or recline with lumbar position.

  • Adjustable Knobs For Tightening Tension

The bike has the knob easy to adjust in order to tighten our tension. When we want to keep our back straight, we will have to control the knob in the control board to raise the reclining seat.

  • Large Configuration For Display All The Details

The display screen is large and the configuration is easy to operate. This helps us see all the details when we practice with this bike such as our heart rate, speed of biking and the amount of calories consumed.

  • Specifications

We should also pay more attention to some main specifications of a recumbent bike before buying. The bike dimensions are 31 x 22 x 12 (unit: inch). Its weight is about 64 pounds. When you purchase this bike, you have 12 – month warranty.

Have A Test For The Bike

Before buying, it is extremely necessary to notice the structure of this bike in order to have a careful test for it. The recumbent bike has good shape and design. Its structure is also sturdy, which helps you do biking exercises with the recumbent bike pedals. Here are more details about the structure to help you test it more quickly.

  • The Seat Back

The seat back of the recumbent bike should have a mesh layer for ventilation. This will help to release the sweat from our backs and its smell. In addition, with the mesh for ventilation, we will not feel hot when we recline on the back seat.


  • Seat Cushion

The seat cushion should insure the softness and firmness so that the comfort for us is improved. The material of the coat is important. Some types of material to cover to cushion seat are often hard, which makes us feel irritated and we do not want to sit on it anymore.

  • Wheels For Easy Moving

A recumbent bike is about 64 pounds so it is difficult for us to carry out so it is equipped with wheels for convenient moving. With these wheels, we only have to push it on the floor.

Start With Some Easy Exercises

After buying this recumbent bike, we can have more comfort. Firstly, we should find some exercises for beginners to practice with this bike. Biking is the only exercise but there are different speed and different levels for us to conquer. With this machine, all members in our family can do gym exercises.


There are many tips for you and you should take more notice when you have a test for this bike. I believe that the information above will be useful for you when it comes to buying a recumbent bike.

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