25 Sep

What are the Some Best Epilator for Men while Bearing in mind Health Care?

Before moving ahead, I want to clear that readers are not the only one who are doing this particularly if they are seeking the best epilator, which might be utilized by men. Moreover, among several male grooming items, best epilator are extremely hunted for the things.

Currently, there are several reasons behind that why epilating might be somehow different for men and women. Generally, men have rougher skin & thicker hair, which may be somehow difficult to remove especially for roots as significantly with female’s epilators.

It is worth stating that there are various best epilator for the men, which are currently available in the market. Most of the men never like to utilize an epilator when it comes to the process of hair removal.

Moreover, men simply meant to shave their hair off by utilizing different electronic razor in spite of trying hard to eliminate them from their roots. Men mostly want to only remove their facial hair as compare to women who want to eliminate their hair from different parts of their body.

Furthermore, while shaving is considered as the easiest and simplest way however, yet it has it personal set of pros and cons. Some of these pros and cons are as follows:

Epilator vs. Shaving for Men


  • Epilating is quite easy, quick and convenient & never take additional time
  • Epilating involves less discomfort as compare to shaving, waxing
  • Epilating can be utilized & no additional add-ons are essential particularly if it is an electric razor
  • Epilating is considered as the customary way of how males have been eliminating their facial hair during past many years


  • It is worth sharing that epilating can cause skin discomfort or irritation & never protect skin from different bacteria’s
  • Shaving never guarantee to remove 100 hair

Best Epilators for Men

Now I would like to share the valuable information about the best epilators for men, which are currently available in the market.

Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator:

philips-hp6401-satinelle-epilatorEven though, this epilator is made particularly for the sensitive parts of the body however, this handy and amazing epilator can be easily used on different parts of the body from head to the toe. Moreover, this epilator features an effectiveness cover in order to make hair elimination gentler although, filaments are thick & deeply embedded. Philips epilator comes with the dual speed settings in order to help in the process of hair removal & confirm matchless performance.

Furthermore, due to the ergonomic design, this epilator can be utilized with comfort and ease on legs, chest and some other parts of the body. In short, Philips HP6401 Satinelle Epilator is highly recommended.


Braun 7681 Xpressive Pro Epilator:

braun-7681-xpressive-pro-epilatoThis epilator is geared for making the process of epilating as painless as possible. Furthermore, this technology comes with the skin action system. It is important to mention that pre-epilation applies are utilized to simply wipe down skin & make the process of hair removal more comfortable. Braun epilator features the softlift tips, which can lift smooth hairs to confirm that all the hair, are removed properly.

It simply means that even smooth strands & minor ones are easily pulled out. While at the same time, the specific smart light is given for illuminating the surface of the skin.  In order to assist make reaching the different parts of the body easier, it also offers removable top. The turning head, which can simply move up to fifteen degrees backward and forward for following the natural contours of the body. Thus, this epilator is highly recommended due to its amazing features.

How does an epilator work?

Epilators are powered by an electric motor. Epilators can be corded or cordless, battery powered or rechargeable.

When you turn it on, the tweezers in the head will start rotating at a very high speed. These automated tweezers will open and close very quickly to catch and pull multiple hairs from their roots at the same time.

The number of tweezers varies depending on the model. The most powerful one at the moment is the Emjoi AP-18, it consists of 72 tweezers. However, the number of tweezers is not a decisive factor as whether or not an epilator is powerful, but the ability to efficiently pull out the hairs from their follicles.

The arrangements of tweezers in their plastic heads and the shapes vary from model to model.


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